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Internal Server Error - came up when I pressed submit. Can you fix it please so I can display my lost item.
29 May 2016Andy

i wasnt very happy you wrote my password in letters on my e mail. its supposed to be private
04 May 2014

My 3DS went missin´ 18 months ago still not found but as soon as i typed in the details it found a mach... Hope its there!
16 April 2014EDTOM

I am a photographer interested in photographing things you have found, and why you decided to try and give these items back.....yourself, not thought the police etc? Any one interested?
08 August

I am a bit mystified as to how this site works as I can´t click on the lost of found items to the left so even I did think I had found an item I don´t know how I could confirm it and then make contact. Am I being stupid. It´s a shame because otherwise the site would be really useful.
28 May 2013JT

Thank you so much for finding my tennis racket. Extremely timely.
10 March 2011John (St. Albans)

this is a great site for a person like me as i´m always losing things "thank you"!
08 March 2011Mr Patel (Leeds)

thank you so much for finding my wallet so quickly - i thought id never see it again.
06 March 2011Peter (Lincoln)

just want to thank you for putting me in touch with the person who found my iPod - i spent a year putting all the songs on it!
05 March 2011Sandra (Worcester)