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i-lost-it.co.uk - the lost property siteThe idea behind i-lost-it.co.uk came as a result of finding an mp3 player in the street, and finding the few sites available to register lost property very unsatisfactory: either they were too specialised or too difficult to navigate. We decided to make i-lost-it.co.uk a free site by covering the development costs from advertising. We have tried to make this process as simple as possible so as not to discourage finders from registering what they have found.

We use query algorithms to match lost objects to found objects and vice versa, and then allow the finder to see confidential details of the lost object to see if they match. If so, they can make contact with the person whose lost their property and arrange delivery.

i-lost-it - the lost property site

We try to avoid contact with users as the site should run itself, and have a blog if users would like to make comments. However, as a last resort, you can contact us at: 

This web site was designed by Stephen French.

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